About us

At Soundabout, we believe that everybody deserves to have a voice. Rather than focusing on what people can’t do, we want to emphasise what they can. We believe that people with severe and profound learning disabilities and autism should have a life full of expression, passion and enjoyment.

To enable this to happen we aim to educate, support and empower through training, and supporting those in our community. It’s our view that people with learning disabilities to express themselves, connect with others, and feel the warmth of music. Let’s empower everyone to use their voice and create their own rhythm! Our music sessions bring learning-disabled children and adults together with their families and carers to take part in music-making, from our inclusive and virtual choir to our workshops.

Music is just the start; we want to help develop a sense of belonging, and confidence for people to take through life, as we all deserve to live in a community without barriers.

For more visit www.soundabout.org.uk

Little Soundabout and Soundabout Life


Little Soundabout and Soundabout Life have been made possible thanks to our generous funders Global’s Make Some Noise, Youth Music, and the Tambour Foundation.


Adam Ockelford is Director of the Applied Music Research Centre at the University of Roehampton in London. He has spent the last four decades developing a theory of how music makes sense to us all, without the need for specialist knowledge or education, and he uses this theory to inform his daily engagement with children and young people across the spectrum of ability and need. He has written over 20 books and regularly lectures all over the world. His TED talk with the musical savant Derek Paravicini (with whom he has worked for 35 years), In the Key of Genius, can be found at www.ted.com. Adam has been a Trustee of Soundabout for over 20 years.


Victoria Furze is an illustrator, author and arts educator. She graduated from Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Illustration in 2019, since then, she has continued to work on projects as an author and illustrator. She lives in Oxfordshire and also teaches drawing and illustration.  Find Victoria online at www.victoriafurze.com

Producer – Soundabout Music Tracks

Jon Cohen is a UK based record producer, arranger and composer. He is mainly known for work in the classical crossover field, having achieved 15 Number One classical albums, 17 Brit Nominations and a Grammy Nomination, and having sold over four million records. Jon is very proud of his association with Soundabout.

Hannah Davey – singer

Hannah sings both classical music and jazz around the UK and Europe, performing as a soloist with orchestras, choirs and ensembles including the Derek Paravicini Quartet. Hannah loves to be in the recording studio and is lucky to have worked with inspiring musicians and friends throughout her career. She originally recorded the Tuning In songs for The Amber Trust, to whom grateful acknowledgement is made, and she is now thrilled to be part of the innovative development of these resources in the Soundabout Music Tracks project.