Make lots of different sounds to see which ones I like the best

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 1 | Category: Reactive

Make sounds with your voice or everyday objects or musical instruments.

  • Think of all the sounds you can make with your voice: humming and hahing, whispering, whistling, singing and sighing, click-clacking
  • Get up close to me, so the sounds are focussed and clear, to give me the best chance of seeing you, and let me feel your breath on my face
  • Clap hands with me, rub them together, gently drum your fingers at different speeds on my head
  • Crinkle rustly paper, shake rattly containers, jangle little metal chains, scratch an empty cardboard box
  • Put the sound makers on my chest or tummy so that I can feel what you are doing
  • Now use small percussion instruments – a drum,a tambourine, a cabassa, a cluster of little bells
  • Make sure that the room we’re in is as quiet as possible, to help me concentrate on your sounds