Help me to find out about my body through sound

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 13 | Category: Me
Me: my body

By making sounds for me to experience and by helping me make sounds myself

  • Think of me as a resonator: make sounds for me to feel in different parts of my body
  • Do this by blowing raspberries on my skin in different places, or by placing an ocean drum or a rainstick across my chest or tummy,or by placing a small loudspeaker on me and playing music with a clear beat through it
  • Think of my body as a musical instrument: any movement I make can be converted into music or sound using everyday soundmakers or musical instruments, or switches, beams or gesture recognition technology on a tablet
  • Help me to understand cause and effect by exaggerating the feedback I get from my efforts: to start with, a tiny movement can be used to make a big sound, for example
  • Give any sounds that I do make with my body a boost by using a microphone and an amplifier