Encourage me to make sounds in response to the sounds you make

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 9 | Category: Interactive

Help me to respond by catching my attention and giving me lots of time to think what to do

  • Use your voice to make sounds that I enjoy,and let me watch close up and, perhaps, feel what your lips and mouth are doing
  • Try physically sharing small soundmakers or instruments with me, so that I can feel them as you make a sound, and then keep quite still and see if I do the same in response
  • After a while, try using separate instruments, for example, clusters of bells attached to my wrists or ankles and to yours
  • Place a balloon in between us and share the sounds made with voices and, maybe, fingers
  • Remember, I may need a long time to react, I may not respond consistently, and I’m likely to need a lot of repetition
  • Make funny noises down a cardboard tube held to my ear, and then swap over