Play me the Soundabout Music Tracks: Sounds – do I find some engaging?

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 2 | Category: Reactive

Find distinctive pieces of music for me to listen to as well, in different styles

  • Use the Soundabout Tracks: Sounds resource to give me practice in listening to the different elements of music, one at a time
  • Keep a note of tracks that I particularly enjoy (and any that I don’t) for future reference for you and other carers
  • Try other levels of the Soundabout Music Tracks resource too: Patterns, Motifs and Songs
  • Play me other kinds of music – whatever you think I may like – in short bursts with silence in between, to give me time to think about what I’ve just heard
  • When playing me recorded music, remember to put the speakers close to my ears or on my body, so I can feel the sound as well as hear it
  • Try to avoid background noise and other distractions if you can