Give me sound-makers to explore that use all my senses

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 8 | Category: Proactive

All musical instruments are multi sensory in nature: make the most of them!

  • Let me feel the changing weight of an ocean drum on my lap as you help me to tip it to and fro
  • Let me feel the cool metal of a chime bar as you help me to make it ring
  • Help me to feel the roughness of an African drum, and smell it close up, as I strike it with my hands
  • Let me enjoy the smooth feeling of pebbles in a tin as I stir them round and round
  • Put a pile of autumnal leaves in a bag and help me swish them round with my hands or feet
  • Help me to make splashing sounds in the hydro-therapy pool as I lie back and take in the sensations through my whole body
  • Help me swish clanky metal chains across a resonance board that I’m lying on
  • As I move back and forth on a swing or rocker, hang sound-makers for me to brush against