Becky Eden-Green

Location: Sheffield

Becky Eden-Green is primarily a professional clarinettist, saxophonist, ukulele player and singer, although she has turned her hand to a few other things along the way. She graduated from Leeds University with a BA in music, a secondary music PGCE and a thirst for participating in as many musical opportunities as physically possible. Since then, she has been performing at festivals, weddings and events with various bands and playing live saxophone over house DJs. She keeps her ear in by attending events and music sessions around her home town of Sheffield.

An interest in the huge benefits of music for young people led Becky to complete an apprenticeship with Opus Music CIC in 2016. Since then, she has co-founded Brightside Music CIC, an organisation that takes interactive live music into hospitals and healthcare settings. Becky’s music-making is participant-led, responsive and flexible with improvisation at the heart of the practice. She can’t wait to start making music with Soundabout!

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