Steve Harper

Location: Warwickshire

Steve Harper

I have over 30 years’ experience of working with youngsters and adults with a large range of abilities and disabilities. I was based at an all-age special school in Coventry for 22 years; and have also worked in many other special schools, main stream schools, social education centres, care homes, colleges, private homes and other learning environments. 

My passion is for helping youngsters and adults experience, create and interact with music despite any condition they may have – connecting with the people behind their disability via music. Over the years, I have found my own style/approach; using – song, movement, music technologies, sensory based activities, interactions with sound, sound stories, musical expression, creating group pieces and live playing. 

I particularly enjoy situations where I can be most flexible and adaptable to the needs of the people I am working with – being able to improvise and change where the moment and feel of the situation require it. 

I am a qualified teacher and have been assessed as an Outstanding teacher by Ofsted. 

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