Make me playlists of ringtones and other digital sounds

Little Soundabout: Level 4 | Card: 36 | Category: Reactive

The modern world offers a rich landscape of digital sounds; put them to good use!

  • Find me toys that play short bursts of music, and show me how they work
  • Let me hold your phone as you play different ringtones on it; do I seem to like some more than others?
  • What about other people’s phones?
  • Can the doorbell at home make different sounds?
  • What about other doorbells in friends’ houses?
  • Does your computer make a particular sound when it starts up?
  • What other sounds can it make?
  • Make me recordings of all the electronic sounds that I enjoy, so that I can listen to them when I want to, just for fun, and maybe make a piece of music that uses them as a montage for the ears