Soundabout Music Tracks

Soundabout Music Tracks offer an entirely new way of helping children and adults with severe, or profound and multiple learning difficulties develop listening skills and musical understanding. Over 150 sound files have been specially created that are based on the Sounds of Intent framework, which sets out different levels of musical engagement:

  • Level 2 – ‘Sounds’ – is about learning to perceive sound, in all its variety, and to make sounds deliberately
  • Level 3 – ‘Patterns’ – is about recognising and making simple patterns in sound, such as a regular beat on a drum
  • Level 4 – ‘Motifs’ – is about recognising and making groups of notes that make ‘shapes’ in sound, such as mobile phone ring tones, or that phrase in a pop song that goes round and round in your head
  • Level 5 – ‘Songs’ – is about recognising and singing or playing short pieces of music, more or less in time and in tune

There are two parts to Soundabout Music Tracks, which overlap.

  • The first is called ‘Learning to Listen’, which contains 71 tracks across Levels 2, 3 and 4. These are designed just to be listened to
  • The second is called ‘Tuning in to Music’, which consists of 20 songs from the Tuning In set, broken down into their constituent sounds, patterns and motifs, and then presented in simple arrangements. There are 80 ‘Tuning In to Music’ tracks. As well as supporting the development of listening skills, these are meant to encourage participation through making sounds, playing instruments and singing, alone and with other people.

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