Tuning into Music

Tuning In to Music consists of tracks that are designed to help children and adults with profound learning difficulties understand and enjoy songs, by breaking the music down into the separate sounds, patterns and motifs of which it is made up.

There are 20 of these ‘deconstructed’ songs, represented in each of four levels, as follows:

Start by choosing a song and play the ‘Sounds’ track. Observe any reaction to what is heard. Play the track again and see what happens. If the child or adult you are caring for or working with appears uninterested or makes a negative response, then try the ‘Sounds’ track from a different song. If, on the other hand, they seem to enjoy what they hear, move on to the corresponding the ‘Patterns’ track, and repeat the process. If positive responses continue to be made, try ‘Motifs’ and finally ‘Songs’. Keep a careful note of what happens, using the Soundabout Tracks Record Sheets.

Developments may occur over hours, weeks or even years. Or the person concerned may be perfectly content to engage with music at a particular level, and not have the capacity or the wish to move on. But the important thing is that the opportunities for them to engage in music in new ways are always there, and presented in a non-judgmental way. Learn to enjoy the musical experiences in the moment, and value them in their own right.

Encourage the person you are caring for or working with to engage with the Tuning In to Music tracks by responding with sounds, patterns, motifs or songs themselves. Start by modelling participation yourself, and encourage them to do the same through intensive interaction. Once you are familiar with the patterns, motifs or songs, feel free to make up new materials along similar lines and try using those. Listen carefully to any sounds, patterns or motifs that the person that you are caring for or working with makes, and use their contributions as the basis for further interaction.

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