Reinforce the links between what I hear, see, touch and smell

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 4 | Category: Reactive

All everyday sound makers and instruments are multisensory in nature

  • Let me see a cymbal glistening in the light when you hit it with a soft beater
  • Let me feel the beads on a cabassa as you twist it back and forth in my hands
  • Let me feel the smooth wood of a guitar as it resonates on my lap when you strum the strings
  • Let me smell an African drum as you bring it close to me and you strike it with your hands
  • Let me hold a bluetooth speaker as you play music through it, so I can feel the vibrations going through my hands and up my arms
  • Make a wind chime out of cutlery and hang it near me so I can see, hear and, if possible, feel it
  • Put some marbles in a small tin can and move it to and fro so I can hear and feel the movement
  • Put some small pebbles in a plastic bottle and shake them so I can see and hear them


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