Help me make up and down patterns in sound by moving

Soundabout Life: Level 3 | Card: 23 | Category: Proactive

Give me instruments to play where one movement plays different notes

  • Put a ukulele under my fingers and gently guide them to strum slowly up and down
  • Do the same with a keyboard: help me sweep right and left to play higher and lower notes
  • Blow on a slide whistle and put my hand on the plunger and move it up and down
  • Give me an app on a tablet or computer with a touch-screen to use that plays different notes as you slide your hand or finger across it
  • Use ‘beam’ technology to help me to play short musical scales by waving my hand or foot in the air or by moving my head from side to side
  • In each case, try fading your support to see if I can make the changes in sound on my own
  • Help me build up a mental model of up and down patterns by playing Soundabout Music Tracks: Patterns