Copy my vocal sounds, and encourage me to copy you

Soundabout Life: Level 3 | Card: 25 | Category: Interactive

Copying someone else’s sounds can be tricky at first, so copy me a lot to start with

  • Copy the sounds that I make with my voice when-ever it seems appropriate in everyday situations
  • Give me plenty of time to process what is happening, and encourage me to respond
  • It make take a while for me to understand
  • I may make a sound in response to yours that doesn’t sound much like what you just did, or it may be similar but typical of the sounds that I make anyway
  • So it may be hard to tell whether I am meaning to copy you or not
  • The important thing is to show your pleasure at what I have just done and give me lots of positive feedback on my efforts: a smile, a hug or a warm word
  • Above all, keep trying – copying people is hard and takes a lot of practice