Help me find out about things through the sounds they make

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 16 | Category: Me
Me and my world

Hearing may give me more information about the world around than seeing

  • Consider first introducing objects to me from the sounds they make (or can make if they are tapped, shaken or scratched), then add other sensory information – letting me touch something and look at it close up
  • Give me plenty of time to find out about new things, and re-introduce them regularly
  • Remember that it may be hard for me to focus on one thing in a cluttered auditory and visual environment, so eliminate unnecessary sensory input if you can
  • Let me hear the sounds an object can make in different environments, so I can get used to things seeming to be different actually being the same thing
  • Make recordings of what I hear when we’re out and about, so I can re-live the experiences when we’re back at home