Help me be aware of people through the sounds of their voices

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 15 | Category: Me
Me, you and other people

I may be more reliant on my hearing than most children are to tell who people are

  • Talk to me and sing to me – although I may not understand the words, I may well latch on to the sheer sound of your voice
  • Greet me by using my name, and say it first, to let me know straight away that it’s me you’re talking to (so ‘Tom, how are you?’ rather than ‘How are you, Tom?’)
  • Tell me who you are, and ask other people to do the same
  • Don’t be afraid of repetition; when you are getting bored I may just be getting to realise that it’s you talking!
  • Using a sing-song quality to your voice may help me get the emotional content of what you’re saying
  • Supplement what you are saying with physical contact – help me get the idea of ‘someone else’