Help me to start making choices by using sound symbols

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 31 | Category: Me
Me, you and other people

Have I grasped that sounds can stand for other things and help me to make choices?

  • Find out who I would like to work with by offering me one jangly bracelet then another, each worn by different helpers
  • Find out where I would like to go by making a sound with one windchime then another that I am familiar with as identifying different rooms
  • Find out what I would like to do next by offering me sound symbols for one activity and then another
  • Try offering the choices in a different order to make sure I’m not just choosing the one that I heard last (or first)
  • Give me plenty of time to choose
  • Remember that I may express a preference by looking, vocalising, moving, stilling or smiling
  • Once I can choose between two options reliably, try using three or even four sound symbols