Help me to start making patterns by repeating a single sound

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 22 | Category: Proactive

Encourage me to make simple patterns on instruments and other soundmakers

  • I may not be aware at first that by repeating the same action of tapping a drum or tambourine, for example, I am starting to make a pattern in sound – the beginnings of music
  • You can encourage me by putting my hand over yours while you tap a simple beat
  • If you move your hand out of the way, can I continue unsupported?
  • Always remember that it’s my brain you’retraining, not my hand, and it may take me a lot of practice to learn how to make patterns myself
  • Show me how the same pattern can be made on different soundmakers by placing them under the hand that I am tapping with
  • Can I make the same pattern with my feet?
  • Guide me in making patterns in other ways,using shakers or scrapers, for example