Encourage me to make simple patterns in sound using my voice

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 21 | Category: Proactive

My vocal pattern-making may occur anywhere and any time; be ready to react!

  • Give me the time and the space to experiment with pattern-making in sound using my voice
  • It may well start with me making a sound and then doing the same thing again by accident
  • For me to realise that making the same physical effort results in me making the same sound may take a lot of repetition, and require a lot of thinking on my part
  • It may be possible for you to help with this early pattern-making if there is a way of stimulating me to make a vocal sound – perhaps by tickling me, for example
  • By stimulating me repeatedly in the same way,I may start to make a vocal pattern
  • If I do make a simple pattern, praise me by smiling or vocalising or by giving me a hug – whatever I respond to most strongly