Make playlists of my favourite sounds for me to hear

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 1 | Category: Reactive

Be sure to label them carefully, so others who care for me can access them easily.

  • Record the vocal sounds I enjoy: talking, singing, squealing, whooping, whispering, whistling, hiccupping, howling, hollering
  • Get different people to make sounds with their voices for my playlist: friends and relatives, men, women, children, high voices, low voices, mellow voices, rasping voices, quiet voices, loud voices, voices with distinct accents
  • Record different animal sounds: pets, wild animals, farm animals, zoo animals
  • Record the sounds made by collections of everyday objects: things from the kitchen, things from the bathroom, my little brother’s old toys, some small battery-powered fans
  • Perhaps I’m fond of electronic sounds: the ringtone on my dad’s old phone, a doorbell, my younger sister’s computer game


Video 1