Help me learn about things through the sounds that they make

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 16 | Category: Me
Me and my world

My ears may give me more information about the world than my eyes do

  • Introduce new objects by letting me hear any sounds they can make before adding other sensory information (by encouraging me to touch something or look at it close up)
  • Always give me plenty of time to explore new things, and re-introduce them regularly, so I gradually create a mental image of them
  • Keep the environment in which items are introduced as simple as possible, with a minimum of auditory and visual clutter
  • Give me the same object in different places to explore, so I get used to it sounding different
  • Give me sets of similar objects to investigate, to help me start to form categories of things
  • For example: metal, jangly objects; wooden, mellow-sounding objects; shells and pebbles; things that rustle and scrunch