Help me become more aware of others through sound

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 15 | Category: Me
Me, you and other people

Listening may be my strongest sense,and I may rely on it to tell people apart.

  • Never be afraid to talk to me and sing to me: the sheer sound of your voice may be what I latch on to (rather than the meanings of words)
  • Start by using my name to help me realise that it’s me you’re addressing
  • Remind me who you are, and ask other people to introduce themselves too, so I can hear their voices and maybe remember who they are
  • Keep things short and simple to give me plenty of processing time between bursts of sound and music
  • Don’t be afraid to use a ‘sing-song’ quality to your voice that exaggerates the ups and downs of what you are saying – it is this that probably communicates the most to me
  • Get up close to give me the best chance of connecting the sound of your voice with your face


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