Teach me what patterns in sound tell us about the world

Soundabout Life: Level 3 | Card: 32 | Category: Me
Me and my world

Let me hear sound patterns in everyday life and get to know what they mean

  • Take me to a large space with a hard floor, and show me how footsteps getting louder mean that someone is getting closer – remember to greet me when you’re as close as you can get!
  • Let me explore a ball with a beeper in it, then roll the ball towards me and encourage me to push or throw it away, towards someone else
  • Let me see or feel and smell how the beeps of a microwave oven show that food has been heated
  • Show me the sounds that pedestrian crossings make, and what they mean
  • Get a clock that ticks and chimes and let me experience them at different times
  • Put different resonant surfaces under a dripping tap and let me feel the water splash on my hands
  • Record everyday patterns in sound and make them into a playlist for me to enjoy listening to