Support me to make choices by using sound symbols

Soundabout Life: Level 3 | Card: 31 | Category: Me
Me, you and other people

Help me realise that sounds can symbolise things and use them to make choice

  • You could find out who I would like to care for me by offering me one jangly bracelet then another, which two of my helpers have been wearing for some time
  • You could help me to choose where I would like to go by making a sound with one windchime then another that I associate with different rooms
  • You could discover what I would like to do next by offering me sound symbols for one activity and then another and seeing which I choose
  • Don’t forget to change the order in which you present things to make sure that I’m not just choosing the one that I heard last
  • Once I can choose between two options, try using three or even four sound symbols
  • You could make a timetable for me using sound symbols so I know what is happening next