Coax me to make simple patterns in sound using my voice

Soundabout Life: Level 3 | Card: 21 | Category: Proactive

I may make patterns with my voice anywhere and at any time; be prepared!

  • Vocal pattern-making may well start with me making a sound and then doing the same thing again by chance
  • If that happens, react positively – remember that for me to realise that doing the same thing results in the same sound being produced may require a lot of mental effort on my part
  • You may be able to encourage this pattern-making if there is a way of stimulating me to make vocal sounds – perhaps by gently stroking my face, for example
  • By your repeated stimulation, I may start to make a vocal pattern
  • If I do, be sure to give me lots of of praise and attention
  • Record what I do: it may be that by listening to what I’ve just done, I’m motivated to try again
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