Play me short bursts of rhythm on percussion instruments

Soundabout Life: Level 4 | Card: 33 | Category: Reactive

Short, self-contained rhythms may be the first kind of musical structure that I grasp

  • Go ‘rat-a-tat-tat’, on a drum, wait for a few moments, and then do it again, and then again,making a sequence of short rhythms
  • With a pair of maracas, go ‘shake-shake-bang’, ‘shake-shake-bang’, then pause before making the pattern again
  • Go ‘ting-a-ling-a-ling’, ‘ting-a-ling-a-ling’, on a triangle or cymbal
  • Stop a pattern that you are making in the middle, and notice how I respond
  • Make chains in sound on different instruments: ‘tap-tap-tap’ on the tambourine and then on the drum, for example
  • With family members and friends, connect different bursts of rhythm together with a steady underlying beat
  • Try using Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs