Sing me the first few notes of songs with catchy tunes

Soundabout Life: Level 4 | Card: 34 | Category: Reactive

These are the first thing I’m likely to remember; use Soundabout Tracks: Motifs

  • Think of the first few notes of the chorus of a favourite song, it’s main ‘motif’, and sing it to me – wait, then sing it again
  • Do it again, and wait, and see how I respond … do I indicate that I would like you to continue?
  • The songs could be in any style: favourites from my earlier teenage years, or golden oldies!
  • Use songs from your own cultural heritage, but don’t be afraid to explore others too – there is an endless supply online
  • Try using pop songs, too, as they often have a ‘hook’ that is designed to stick in the mind: ‘Waterloo’, by ABBA, for example
  • Try folk songs, which often have distinctive tunes that are easy to remember
  • Use Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs
  • Make playlists of my all time favourites