Use the catchy bits of tunes to encourage me to get moving

Soundabout Life: Level 4 | Card: 45 | Category: Me
Me: my body

Take advantage of the close connection between music and movement in the brain.

  • Get me moving by using the Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs relating to songs such as:
    • To and fro
    • Left, right
    • Up and down
  • Once I’m confident with those, see if I’m ready to move on to the complete songs
  • Use pop songs, dance songs, disco songs
  • Make up words to other popular, classical, jazz or folk music: the main thing is they have a strong rhythm and a well-defined melody
  • Think about small movements and big ones: everything from wiggling my fingers to swaying my whole body
  • Discreetly give me whatever level of support I need to join in