Make up pieces with me using short rhythms or bits of tunes

Soundabout Life: Level 4 | Card: 44 | Category: Interactive

Doing this will help me take my first steps to making up my own music

  • If necessary, ask a trained musician to help you get going; you could start by using ideas from Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs
  • Start by taking it in turns to make short rhythms on percussion instruments or a touch screen
  • Now do the same using our voices
  • Then use melody instruments
  • Sometimes, let’s imitate each other; other times, let’s make new phrases up that fit with the old
  • Doing this means that we’ll be making up whole new songs together
  • Can you make up some lyrics to fit with the new tune we’ve created?
  • Make recordings of our creations, and give the songs titles, so we can talk about them in the future
  • I could share them online with other people