Respond to the sounds that I make by making sounds yourself

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 10 | Category: Interactive

Short rhythmic patterns may be the first elements of musical structure I can grasp; use Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs

  • Remember, whenever I make a sound, it is always for a reason, although it may not always be clear what that reason is
  • So use your imagination to respond to me in whatever way seems most appropriate
  • You may decide to copy what I do exactly
  • Or you may change the sound I’ve just made,by making it louder, longer, higher or more complex, or quieter, shorter, lower or more simple
  • Or you may opt for contrast: do something completely different from what I’ve just done
  • In each case, how do I react? Is variety the spice of life, or do I prefer repetition?
  • Notice whether I’m starting to anticipate that something will happen when I make a sound
  • And remember, if I’m quiet for a while, it needn’t mean that I’m not interested – perhaps I’m thinking intently about what’s just happened