Have ‘conversations’ in sound with me in different contexts

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 11 | Category: Proactive

Remember that may I react differently with different people and in different situations

  • Once I learn to respond to your sounds by making sounds myself, you can try having ‘conversations in sound’ with me, taking turns to make a sound and then listen to the other person
  • Try having ‘conversations’ in different places, but remember, your voice – and mine – sound quite different in echoey places like the hydrotherapy pool, or outside, where the sounds we make disappear much more quickly, so it may take me a while to realise that the sound I can hear is still your voice, but it’s a useful thing to learn
  • Try having ‘conversations’ with soundmakers or other instruments – inside and outside – taking it in turns to scrunch some paper or some leaves,for example
  • If you have one, share a microphone, taking it in turns to make vocal sounds that can be made much louder or transformed in other ways