Interact with me through sound, using my other senses too

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 12 | Category: Interactive

Make the most of all my sensory abilities and interests to get communication going

  • Get up close to me and exaggerate your facial expressions when we have conversations in sound
  • Reinforce this sensory input by touching my hands or arms or, very gently, my face, in time with the sounds you are making
  • Rock me to and fro, and use the natural rhythm to give a structure to the vocal sounds you make;with each swing, leave a gap for me to respond
  • Lie me on a table and scratch or tap it, then leave a gap to see if I respond in sound as I feel the vibrations go through my body
  • If you have one, use a microphone and amplifier,with the speaker on the table, to amplify the vocal sounds we make, and convert them into vibrations that I can feel
  • Add a visual dimension to our conversations in sound using changing images on a screen or sound-sensitive lights, for example