Find out if different sounds affect me in different ways

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 14 | Category: Me
Me: my thoughts and feelings

I may enjoy experiencing the different emotions that sounds can arouse in me

  • Play or sing me a range of different sounds, and see how I react, and how consistent my responses are, but keep things simple: I may be easily overwhelmed!
  • And I may need to hear a sound or a piece of music a number of times before I start to respond to it – be patient!
  • If certain sounds upset me, is it possible to avoid me being exposed to them?
  • Or perhaps my tolerance of them could be built up gradually
  • I may well be most emotionally engaged by the sound of your voice
  • Giving me the opportunities to make sounds myself may be a good way of showing you how I feel and help me learn to regulate my emotions
  • You can show me that you understand how I’m feeling by copying my responses to sounds