Help me to connect sounds with input from my other senses

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 4 | Category: Reactive

Focus on the multisensory nature of everyday soundmakers and instruments

  • All everyday soundmakers and musical instruments have other sensory qualities too
  • Let me experience the shimmer of a cymbal in the light when you hit it with a soft beater
  • Let me feel musical gourds from Asia as you twist them back and forth in my hands
  • Let me feel the warm wood of a ukulele on my tummy as it resonates when you pluck each string or strum them together to make chords
  • Let me smell the African drum and feel its weight on my lap as as you tap it with your fingers
  • Lie me on a resonance board with a loudspeaker on it, so that I can feel the vibrations of the music all the way through my body
  • Put my hands or feet in a bowl of water and drop pebbles in, one by one, so I can hear and feel them splash