Encourage me to make all sorts of different sounds myself

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 5 | Category: Proactive

Think of different ways in which small movements can create or control sounds

  • Gently guide my hands to explore soundmakers: things to tap, scrunch, squeeze and scratch
  • Try different musical instruments that work by being hit or tapped or shaken or scratched:a tambourine; a ukulele; a little keyboard
  • Using my feet may be the easiest way for me to make sounds – especially loud ones!
  • If I find using my hands or feet difficult, then attach bells to my wrists and ankles, and dance
  • See if I can use apps on a tablet that are sensitive to touch or movement to make musical sounds:as well as my hands and feet, perhaps I could make them work using my head, elbows or knees
  • Try using a switch to enable me to play sounds from the Soundabout Music Tracks resources
  • Use a microphone and an amplifier to enhance the effect of any vocal sounds that I make
  • Tapping or scratching a microphone can be a great way of making sounds too