Coax me to express my feelings through the sounds I can make

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 6 | Category: Proactive

Show me that you understand how I feel by reacting to me empathetically

  • Make exaggerated responses to any vocal sounds I may make that show how I am feeling
  • Respond empathetically to the sounds I make with objects and instruments that may indicate excitement or annoyance, for example
  • Try to identify any triggers that may cause me to express particular feelings by vocalising or making sounds with objects
  • Can you use these triggers to elicit responses in sound from me?
  • Can you soothe any negative emotions I may express with a reassuring word, a touch on the hand or a hug, and so change the nature of the sounds that I make?
  • Remember that choosing not to make a sound may be an indication of how I’m feeling too