Give me the chance to make sounds in different places

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 7 | Category: Proactive

Even the same sound will produce quite a different effect in different environments

  • Think beyond the living room at home: try larger spaces that echo (such as halls, places of worship, and long corridors)
  • Or try smaller ones that deaden sounds (such as multi-sensory rooms and small furnished areas)
  • The bustle of activity in a shopping centre or a train station may encourage me to be more vocal – but mind I don’t get overwhelmed
  • I may have particular sounds that I like to make in the car, or on a bus or train
  • Go outside in different weathers: mist and fog will change the way my vocalisations sound, for example, and snow completely alters the auditory environment
  • There is technology available that can make my voice sound as though it is in different spaces,through adding reverberation of different kinds