Help me to explore soundmakers using all my senses

Little Soundabout: Level 2 | Card: 8 | Category: Proactive

Be aware that many musical instruments offer rich multisensory experiences

  • Let me feel the cool metal of a cymbal and watch it glistening in the light as it vibrates
  • Let me feel the weight of a drum on my lap as you help me tap my fingers on it
  • Let me feel the changing weight of a rainstick and the vibrations it makes as you help me turn it over
  • Help me to feel the roughness of an African drum made from hide, and smell it close up
  • Help me experience the scratchy feel of shells in a box as I stir them round with my hands
  • Let me enjoy the different sensations of bubbly water in a bowl – the splashy sounds, their iridescent sheen of the bubbles, and the trickling warm water on my fingers
  • Lie me in a giant pile of leaves in the autumn so I feel them and smell them and listen to them scrunch as I move