Play the ‘copy game’ with me using vision and touch as well as sound

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 27 | Category: Interactive

Seeing or feeling what is happening may help me to understand imitation in sound

  • When you copy me using your voice, make sure I can see you as well as hear you, or feel your lips as you imitate my vocal sounds
  • When you make a sound with your voice for me to copy, exaggerate the movements of your lips, teeth and tongue, so I may get a better sense of what is going on, or, if I can’t see very well, put my hands on your mouth so I can feel what is happening
  • The copy game with soundmakers can be particularly effective when I’m lying on a resonance board (or other resonant surface like a wooden table), so I can feel the vibrations that we are both making as well as hear the sounds
  • Visually stimulating instruments like clear plastic rainsticks with beads can be a good way to get copying going, as the beads move gradually,and I have time to work out what is happening