Play ‘pass the sound’ activities with family members and friends

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 28 | Category: Interactive

Playing the copy game one-to-one can gradually be extended to groups of three people or more

  • Sit in a small circle of three or four people, with me sitting on someone’s lap
  • The person I’m with starts the game by making a sound with their voice
  • The person sitting next to us then copies it, and round the circle the sound goes
  • Pass the sound quite slowly at first, so I have lots of time to get a sense of what is happening
  • Next, try playing the game with a soundmaker like a shaker
  • Make sure that the people are sitting really close together to give me a better chance of seeing what is going on, or, if my eyesight isn’t very good, let me feel the shaker move
  • Play the game on a resonance board if you have one, so I can feel the sound in my body
  • Once I seem to be getting the hang of the game, see if you can make the circle bigger