Tap regular beats on instruments and other soundmakers

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 18 | Category: Reactive

Let me see and feel your hands when youplay beats on instruments; use Soundabout Music Tracks: Patterns

  • Tap a few times on an instrument or other soundmaker, and then stop, keeping quite still and quiet – do I react, wanting more?
  • Do I react differently if you tap at different speeds – slow, medium, fast?
  • Make the same, simple tapping patterns on different soundmakers, and see if I respond more strongly to some than others
  • Do I prefer it if the taps don’t have a particular pitch (on a drum) or if they do (on a keyboard)?
  • Let me see and feel what you are doing, by placing my hand over yours
  • Tap small percussion instruments very gently on my arms, legs or chest
  • Lie me down on a resonant surface like a table and tap a beat on it, so I can feel the regular patterns of vibration going through my body
  • Use Soundabout Music Tracks: Patterns