Make short patterns of sound that go up or down in pitch

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 20 | Category: Reactive

Use your voice, or melody instruments likea keyboard, or use a music app on a tabletandSoundabout Music Tracks: Patterns

  • With your face close to mine, sing five notes going up a scale (like the opening of the theme to ‘Eastenders’) – ‘do, do, do, do, do’ – then stop … how do I react?
  • Do the same thing again, and again – remember it may take a lot of repetition for me to grasp the pattern
  • You could try getting louder as the notes go up
  • Now go into reverse and go down the scale from top to bottom – how do I react this time?
  • Make the same pattern on a melody instrument like a little keyboard or a recorder – suitable notes would be G, A, B, C, D
  • Do the same thing on a glockenspiel or xylophone, or on a single string of a ukulele or guitar
  • The idea is that I learn that the same pattern can be made using different sounds
  • Use Soundabout Music Tracks: Patterns