Copy the sounds I make with my voice, and coax me to copy you

Little Soundabout: Level 3 | Card: 25 | Category: Interactive

Imitating someone else’s sounds can be difficult at first, so be patient and copy me a lot to start with, to help me get the idea

  • Whenever you get the chance, copy the sounds that I make with my voice
  • Get up close and give me plenty of time to realise what has just happened
  • Sometimes, when all is calm and quiet, make a sound with your voice similar to one of those that I make from time to time
  • Allow me lots of time to respond – it make take 15 seconds or more!
  • At first, I may make a sound in response to yours that doesn’t sound much like it, or, if it is like the one you just made, you may think that I copied you accidentally!
  • But that doesn’t matter – show your pleasure at what I have just done and give me lots of praise
  • Above all, keep trying – imitation is a complicated skill and I’ll need probably need to practise a good deal to get it right