Play ‘call and response’ games with me using instruments

Little Soundabout: Level 4 | Card: 42 | Category: Interactive

Play this game by transferring the ‘call and response’ songs we have sung onto instruments.

  • Play the game first by clapping short rhythms
  • Next transfer the short rhythms onto percussion instruments and other soundmakers
  • Now try doing the same activity with melody instruments or on tablets …
  • … just two or three notes at first, singing along, from songs that I already know, then try making phrases up for me to copy
  • Next, just use instruments, and gradually make the phrases longer if you can
  • You lead at first, then see if you can encourage me to do the same
  • Start one-to-one, and then move to groups of three or four family members or friends
  • Make recordings of what we do, and see if I can play the game by using these – interacting with myself!