Play ‘call and response’ games with me, using our voices

Little Soundabout: Level 4 | Card: 41 | Category: Interactive

Use ‘call and response’ songs from different countries (find them online), where one person takes the lead and the others copy

  • Try using children’s songs such as ‘Charlie over the ocean’ and ‘Green grass grows all around’ (there are lots of other examples online)
  • You could use the material from Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs and Songs as a resource
  • Spirituals often use a call and response format:try, for example, ‘Train’s-a-coming’ and ‘Standing in the need of prayer’
  • Try sea shanties like ‘Haul away Joe’ and ‘Boney was a warrior’
  • Try pop songs such as ‘My Sweet Lord’
  • At first, try modelling the imitation between adults, perhaps one taking the lead and two or three others responding
  • Eventually, I may be able to take the lead myself – it can be very motivating, being in control!