Help me to play bits of tunes on instruments or by using a tablet

Little Soundabout: Level 4 | Card: 39 | Category: Proactive

Encourage me to play bits of music I have heard before as well as making some up

  • Stick a marker on ‘middle C’ on a keyboard and show me where it is
  • Show me, gently guiding my hand if necessary, how to play simple patterns of three or four notes next to each other that start on C
  • Encourage me to use one finger to start with, moving my whole hand along to get to the next key
  • In time, you can encourage me to use my thumb too, and then, one at a time, the other fingers as well – use either hand, if I have the capacity for fine motor control
  • With the help of a trained musician if necessary, show me how to play the jingles, ringtones and other bursts of melody that I hear around me
  • Try doing the same thing with touchscreen technology