Make me a game with switches linked to digital sounds

Little Soundabout: Level 4 | Card: 40 | Category: Proactive

Help me to appreciate that short bursts of music can be joined in chains of sound

  • Set up two or three switches that play short bursts of melody that go well together (use the services of a friendly musician if necessary!), and show me how to use them
  • Use ideas from Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs
  • Then show me how to connect the bits of pieces together to make new ‘songs’
  • Encourage me to sing along as operate the switches, and then see if I can do it on my own
  • See if I can manage four switches or more
  • With help from a trained musician if necessary, show me how to play the same fragments of melody on a keyboard or other instrument that can play tunes
  • Make recordings of my made up pieces of ‘switch’ music
  • Can I sing or play along with my earlier efforts?