Make sounds yourself in response to the sounds that I make

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 10 | Category: Interactive

Interpret the sounds that I make as attempts to reach out and communicate

  • Remember that there is always a reason behind my sound-making, though it may not be clear what it is – so use your imagination to respond to me in whatever way seems best
  • Try copying exactly what I do – how do I respond?
  • Or you could make a sound a bit like mine but different – higher or lower, louder or quieter, longer or shorter, changing more or steadier
  • Or you could go for contrast: make a sound completely different from the one that I’ve just made – what effect does that have?
  • See whether I start to anticipate that you will do something after I’ve made a sound
  • If I’m quiet for a while, it needn’t mean I’m not interested – I may be mulling everything over!
  • It may take a lot of practice for me to become a consistent communicator