Encourage me to respond to your sounds by making your own

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 9 | Category: Interactive

First get my attention by making sounds,and then give me lots of time to respond

  • Model taking it in turns to make sounds with someone else, to show me what to do
  • Make sounds that I enjoy using your voice, getting close to me so that I can feel or watch what you are doing as well as listening, and leave gaps for me to respond
  • Share soundmakers or instruments with me so that I can feel them vibrate as you make a sound, and then wait, keeping quite still, to see if I respond
  • Then move on to using separate instruments and see whether I still respond
  • I may need a long time to react, only respond intermittently, and need lots of repetition
  • Use a switch to play Soundabout Music Tracks and see if I will respond by pressing it
  • Record our interactions to enjoy later


Video 1
Video 2