Help me have ‘conversations’ with you using sounds

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 11 | Category: Interactive

I may well respond differently to different people in different situations

  • Once I’ve got the hang of responding to your vocal sounds and expecting a response when I make sounds of my own, try having ‘conversations’ with me purely in sound, without trying to make them mean anything beyond the expression of feelings with our voices
  • Try doing the same thing whenever the opportunity to communicate arises – during times of personal care, for example, or in the car – but remember that our voices will sound quite different in different places, and so I may react and behave differently
  • Next, try having conversations with sound-makers – again, in different situations – taking it in turns to rustle some crinkly paper inside, for example, or scrunch some leaves outside
  • Always allow me plenty of time to respond